ConstraintLayout 1.1.0 Changes 모음

ConstraintLayout 1.1.0 Changes 모음

Apr 16, 2018. | By: pluulove

ConstraintLayout 1.1.0 가 릴리즈 되었습니다. 미쳐 놓친 변경 로그를 정리했습니다

가장 큰 변경점은 아래 정보가 변경되었습니다.

  • layout_constraintWidth_default / layout_constraintHeight_default 의 속성 정보중 wrap가 deprecated 되었습니다. 사용시 아래와 같은 로그가 출력됩니다.
    • ConstraintLayout: layout_constraintWidth_default=”wrap” is deprecated. Use layout_width=”WRAP_CONTENT” and layout_constrainedWidth=”true” instead.
    • 변경할 부분은 layout_constraintWidth_default=”wrap” 대신 layout_width="WRAP_CONTENT"layout_constrainedWidth="true" 를 사용하면 됩니다
  • Circular positioning
  • Barriers
  • Group

변경 로그

ConstraintLayout 1.1.0 beta 6

  • Improved optimizer performances and exposed it (see documentation)
  • Additional experimental performance work with Chains (turned off by default)
  • Fixed several issues with margins support in Chains
  • Centering larger chains on smaller endpoints now works
  • Fix barrier issues (wrap_content behavior)
  • ConstraintSet issues with RTL fixed

ConstraintLayout 1.1.0 beta 5

  • Fix barrier issues (wrap_content behavior)
  • Added missing ConstraintSet.constrainCircle() method
  • Chain RTL behavior fix

ConstraintLayout 1.1.0 beta 4

  • Fixes issue with incorrect spread in Chain
  • Fixes RTL issues (guideline, chains, bias)
  • Fixes missing percent handling in ConstraintSet
  • Fixes various barriers issues
  • Improved xml inflation speed

ConstraintLayout 1.1.0 beta 3 is now available

  • Various bugfixes (spread_inside chain, ratio in chain, constraintset)
  • RTL guideline support
  • Circular constraints

ConstraintLayout 1.1.0 beta 2

  • Many bug fixes (mostly in complex behavior in chains, match constraint, min/max/ratio/percent)
  • Redesign of the constraint optimizer, performances are improved
  • Change in behavior with 0dp in packed chain (0dp elements will spread)
  • Added a new attribute to enforce constraints on wrap_content if needed (previously, wrap_content was considered a fixed dimension not subject to the constraints):
    • app:layout_constrainedWidth=”true false”
    • app:layout_constrainedHeight=”true false”
    • Note that the setting to have a match_constraint set to wrap behavior has been deprecated, instead you should use the above layout_constrainedWidth/Height attribute along with width=wrap_content.

ConstraintLayout 1.1.0 beta 1 release notes

  • Bugfixes related to wrap_content
  • New features: barriers, placeholder, percent dimensions

ConstraintLayout 2.0

ChicagoRoboto 2018 에서 공개된 ConstraintLayout 2.0 관련 정보도 첨부합니다.

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